Pascale Nadeau sues Radio-Canada for $350,000

Pascale Nadeau sues Radio- Canada for $350,000

Pascale Nadeau worked for Radio-Canada from 1988 to 2021.

A year after her controversial departure as anchorwoman at Radio-Canada, Pascale Nadeau is now suing the Crown corporation for $350,000, alleging “false and defamatory comments” from her former employer. /p>

In a lawsuit filed in Superior Court, of which Radio-Canada obtained a copy, Pascale Nadeau first claims $250,000 for moral damages caused by her abusive, illegal and wrongful conduct .

She is also seeking $100,000 in punitive damages for unlawful and intentional interference with her fundamental rights to safeguard her dignity, honor and reputation.

On the side from the communications department of Radio-Canada, it is said that the lawyers have not received anything new in the file for the moment. However, the Crown corporation intends to react once it becomes aware of the lawsuit.

On August 5, 2021, Radio-Canada issued a press release to announce that its anchor Pascale Nadeau was retiring, she who had not been seen on the air for a few months already.

Two weeks later, Ms. Nadeau came out of her silence to denounce a forced retirement, calling it a constructive dismissal following an internal complaint about comments she would have held on the set of Téléjournal.

It was an anonymous report, made around August 2020, by a third party on behalf of other colleagues. An independent investigation concluded that the charges were unfounded or partially founded.

In February 2021, Ms. Nadeau was still suspended for one month, without pay or benefits, in as a punishment. To return to the airwaves, she demanded an apology from her employer and that the disciplinary sanction be withdrawn from her file, which Radio-Canada refused. It is in this context that the anchorwoman announced by email to Radio-Canada that she would not be returning to the air.

An arbitration process is underway to determine whether the disciplinary measure imposed on Ms. Nadeau was justified.

Employed by Radio-Canada since 1988, Pascale Nadeau had a 34-year career there. She was named news anchor in 1996. In addition to having been at the helm of Téléjournal, she hosted special programs covering major current events.

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