Pastor, Thunder and Pilate: under what call signs are politicians hiding?

Pastor, Grom and Pilate: under what callsigns are politicians hiding

Deputy head of the Servant of the People faction Nikolai Tishchenko published a photo in which he is depicted with Commander-in-Chief Valery Zaluzhny. But interest in this picture arose because of the shape of the politician. Many learned that Tishchenko chose the call sign “Titan”. For such a rear “warrior” as Nikolai Tishchenko, of course, a strange choice. “Inspector General” or “Lemon” would be more suitable. But he wants “Titan” – let it be “Titan“.

Pastor, Thunder and Pilate: what are the callsigns of politicians

Valery Zaluzhny and Nikolai “Titan” Tishchenko. Photo:

Surprised by the choice of Tishchenko's callsign, “KP in Ukraine” took a closer look at what callsigns other well-known politicians have.

People's Deputy from the faction ” Voice» Roman Kostenko from the first days of the war of Russia against Ukraine in the ranks. He is an SBU colonel, a “cyborg”, repelling Russian aggression with a weapon in his hands under the callsign “Thunder”. I received this call sign back in 2014.

Pastor, Thunder, and Pilate: what are the callsigns behind politicians

Roman Kostenko, callsign “Grom”. Photo: FB of Roman Kostenko

His faction colleague Roman Lozinsky, who also mobilized, is fighting without a call sign. Or not in a hurry to shine it. In all the photos in military uniform, Lozinsky does not have a chevron with a surname or call sign.

There is no such chevron, judging by the photo published on social networks, and the first mobilized female deputy Lyudmila Buimister.

People's deputies Andrei Parubiy, Nikolai Velichkovich, Geo Leros.

The fifth President of Ukraine, People's Deputy Petro Poroshenko visited many places of the front on a volunteer mission. His uniform reads “Petro Poroshenko” and “Colonel“.

Pastor, Thunder and Pilate: What are the callsigns that politicians use

Peter Poroshenko. Colonel. Photo: FB of Petro Poroshenko

Former Prosecutor General of Ukraine Yuriy Lutsenko is fighting under the call sign “Pilate”. He entered the territorial defense practically in the first days of the war. Now his battalion defends the Nikolaev region. Together with him, the ex-Secretary of the National Security and Defense Council Oleksandr Turchynov is fighting. Perhaps few people will be surprised that he took the call sign “Pastor” for himself. He had the same nickname in political circles.

«Kherson” is the call sign of the people’s deputy of the eighth convocation from the BPP faction Serhiy Khlan. He serves alongside Turchinov.

Pastor, Thunder and Pilate: under what callsigns are the politicians hiding

Sergei Khlan (center). Photo:

«Linux”- such an inscription on the chevron of the people's deputy of the 8th convocation, an associate of Oleg Lyashko – Dmitry Linko. He is fighting in the east as part of the Stugna special unit.

Pastor , Thunder and Pilate: under what callsigns do politicians hide

Dmitry Linko – aka Linux. Photo:

The people's deputy of the previous convocation from the “People's Front” Tatyana Chornovil actively showed herself in the Russian-Ukrainian war. But she doesn’t have a call sign (there is no corresponding chevron on public photos).

As in 2014, in 2022, the people’s deputy of the previous convocation, front-line soldier Igor Lapin, fights under the call sign “Zola


Pastor, Thunder and Pilate: under what politicians are hidden by callsigns

Igor Lapin. Photo:

In March, the former head of the Office of President Volodymyr Zelensky, Andriy Bohdan, signed up for the territorial defense. He doesn't post many photos on his social media page, and the “military” photos he posts don't have his callsign chevron.

Pastor, Grom and Pilate: what callsigns are politicians hiding under

Andriy Bogdan (center). Photo: Andrey Bogdan's FB

KP Help

The call sign in the army is given for security and convenience purposes. It should consist of one word, be short, clear, understandable. The call sign is usually assigned either by the commander, or by the collective (as a nickname sticks at school), or by the fighter himself.

Thus, when referring to the military, his rank and real surname are not pronounced. The enemy cannot figure out who is who, because usually enemy snipers try to eliminate the officers.

It is also more convenient to give commands to the conditional “Patron” rather than “Gulak-Artemovsky” during the battle or on the air.< /p>

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