PEI ferry fire : all 182 passengers were rescued

Fire on board a ferry atÎ.-P.-É. : the 182 passengers were rescued

A ferry that connects Nova Scotia and Prince Edward Island took fire Friday morning.

A fire broke out on board the Northumberland Ferries Holiday Island ferry, which operates between Prince Edward Island and the New Scotland. Evacuation of passengers has been completed and no injuries have been reported.

All 182 passengers were safely evacuated, according to the Air and Maritime Response team in Atlantic Canada.

In the early afternoon, 18 crew members and 7 firefighters were still on board to fight the fire.

Passengers are evacuated from the ferry near the train station in Wood Islands, Prince Edward Island, on Friday.

The fire started around 11 a.m. , in the ship's engine room, when the boat had been at sea for about an hour. The ferry then turned back to the terminal in Wood Islands, Prince Edward Island.

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The Royal Canadian Mounted Police is asking people not to go to the terminal.

Ferry passengers have been evacuated following a fire on board.

Crossings between the two provinces are canceled for the rest of the day .

A fire broke out on the Holiday Island ferry in Prince Edward Island on Friday .

The extent of the damage to the boat is not known at this time.

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