PEI festival assault: RCMP apprehend two more

Assault at festival atÎ.-P.-É.: RCMP apprehend two more people

The Evangeline Recreation Center in Abram-Village, Prince Edward Island.

Two other people were arrested in Prince Edward Island at the following a racist attack during the Festival acadien in Abram-Village.

There are now four individuals who will have to answer charges of assault on two victims in the Evangeline region , last weekend.

The attack on two newcomers took place in the parking lot of the Evangeline Recreation Center on September 3.

In a statement Wednesday, the premier of the province, Dennis King, said a weekend that was meant to be filled with celebration, diversity and the vibrancy of the Island's Acadian and Francophone community was tarnished by an act of racism and hatred.

  • RCMP arrests two people in connection with assault at Festival acadien in PEI

  • The Prime Minister and the community denounce the aggression at the Festival acadien

  • Aggression at a festival in PEI.- P.-E. : an outpouring of support from Islanders

RCMP investigation continues.

She is still looking for pictures and videos of the altercation and witnesses. She asks anyone with information to contact the authorities.

With information from CBC

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