Pentagon: Russians are not going to leave the rest of Ukraine, there will be heavy fighting

Pentagon: Russians are not going to leave the rest of Ukraine, there will be heavy fighting

The liberation of Kherson was a significant achievement for Ukraine, but the Russians, it seems, are not going to leave the rest of the occupied territories and heavy fighting is coming for them. This was stated at a briefing by a senior Pentagon official.

«Although we continue to monitor, according to our estimates, Russian troops have moved to the east bank of the river and established their defensive lines, thus losing significant part of the territory, including your city of Kherson & # 187;, & # 8212; he said.

According to the official, Ukrainian forces continue to consolidate their gains and are now busy clearing obstacles and mines left by the Russians. The Ukrainians are also assessing the damage caused by the Russian occupiers before they left; according to the official, there is reason to believe that the Russians have caused significant damage to the civilian infrastructure of Kherson, including water supply and other public utilities.

«Russians do not seem to be leaving the rest of occupied Ukraine, and there, no doubt, heavy fighting still lies ahead. But the liberation of the city of Kherson — this is a significant achievement and evidence of the steadfastness, determination and perseverance of the Ukrainian people and their armed forces in the struggle to defend their country», — he said.

The Pentagon believes that with the approach of winter, it is possible that hostilities in Ukraine may slow down. However, according to the official, a slowdown in the growth of US support is not predicted, since this support does not depend on the weather, but on what Ukrainians say they need.

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