Pentagon speaker: Bradley infantry fighting vehicles will give Ukraine an advantage on the battlefield

Pentagon speaker: Bradley IFVs will give Ukraine an edge on the battlefield

< p> The representative of the US Department of Defense, Brigadier General Pat Ryder called the Bradley BMP, which will be transferred to Ukraine, “tank killer”. This was reported by the Pentagon press service.

Ryder confirmed that on Friday the United States will announce a new aid package to Ukraine, which will include Bradley infantry fighting vehicles. The General noted that these armored vehicles can move infantry to the battlefield to support offensive and defensive operations, “providing a level of firepower and armor that will give advantages on the battlefield.”

When asked to explain the difference between a Bradley and a tank the speaker said that it «is not a tank, but a tank killer».

“This will significantly enhance the already impressive combat potential of Ukraine. And we are confident that this will help them on the battlefield,” he added.

  • According to Reuters, the United States will transfer 50 Bradley IFVs to Ukraine.

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