Pentagon: Ukrainian military needs several months of training to work with Patriot

Pentagon: Ukrainian military needs months of training to work with Patriot

It will take several months for the Ukrainian military to be properly trained to work with the Patriot anti-aircraft missile system. This was stated by a senior US defense official, CNN reports.

«Patriot requires training, and we expect that this will take several months to provide Ukrainian forces with the training necessary for his successful use», — the official said.

He added that the Patriot air defense systems and munitions that the United States is donating to Ukraine as part of the latest military aid package will “give Ukraine a critical long-range weapon”» to protect against «cruise missiles, ballistic missiles and aircraft».

«There is no «magic bullet» in air defense. Our goal — help Ukraine strengthen its multi-layered integrated approach to air defense. The Patriot will complement the range of medium and short range air defenses we and allies have provided under previous aid packages», — said a Pentagon official.

  • The United States has officially allocated $1.85 billion in military aid to Ukraine. It will include Patriot.
  • The Air Force explained how Patriot air defense systems will help in the war.

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