Pfizer vaccine, “third dose will be needed”: the scenario

Pfizer vaccine, “third dose will be needed”: the scenario

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A third dose of the Pfizer vaccine will likely be needed. Pfizer CEO Albert Bourla outlines the picture in the statements to Cnbc. “A likely scenario is that a third dose will be needed, approximately 6 to 12 months” after the second dose. “From there, then, there will be an annual recall. But everything must be confirmed. And, again, the variants will play a fundamental role,” said Bourla in the statements released on April 1 but released today by the broadcaster. The hypothesis of an annual recall, he says, has yet to be evaluated. “It is extremely important to eliminate the pool of people who may be exposed to the virus,” adds Bourla.

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Cnbc, on its website, recalls that Pfizer at the beginning of the month released further data relating to the qualities of the vaccine: the drug has an efficacy greater than 91 & against the coronavirus and greater than 95% in countering the severe form of the disease even 6 months after administration of the second dose. The data is the product of trials involving over 12,000 people.

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