PHOTO Camille Combal reveals a moment of complicity with her mother, who looks a lot like her

PHOTO Camille Combal reveals a moment of complicity with her mother, who looks a lot like her

Camille Combal has gone green! As evidenced by photos posted on his Instagram page, he gave himself a few days of rest in the Hautes-Alpes, at his mother’s house. The opportunity to discover the face of the latter.

Who said fame changed Camille Combal? Become a TV star thanks to Do not touch My TV – which subsequently enabled him to be hired by TF1 – he does not forget his roots, however. The former protégé of Cyril Hanouna has just given himself a booster shot going to visit his mother, in the Hautes-Alpes. The opportunity for his subscribers to discover the face of his father, since the host of Dance with the stars posted several pictures alongside him. No need to look very far to understand where Camille Combal gets his humor: his mother makes him laugh out loud on each photograph unveiled by him. But what has especially jumped in the eyes of Internet users is the great resemblance between mother and son. “What a beautiful relationship and complicity”, “You look so alike”, “You make a beautiful duo, each as funny as the other!“, they marveled in the comments.

Camille Combal on vacation with his wife Marie

Camille Combal did not go alone to the Hautes-Alpes since he was accompanied by his wife Marie, whom he married on July 12, 2019. On the last video posted by the 39-year-old host, she appears hidden under a hood and bundled up in a vest. The reason for all this protection? She was trying to cross a stream without getting wet. But it ended in a sad failure since the journalist set foot in a huge puddle!

Seeing the face of Camille Combal’s wife is nevertheless always a great pleasure for the fans of the host, who very rarely have the opportunity to meet her pretty face. But when he takes the plunge, it is rarely to reveal it in its best light …

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