Pianist Evgeny Khmara was robbed on a Czech train

Pianist Yevhen Khmara was robbed on a Czech train

Ukrainian virtuoso pianist Yevgeny Khmara was robbed on a Czech train. The musician lost equipment for performances worth 8,000 euros, which he told about on Instagram.

– A train with seats in a compartment with 6 seats and sliding doors that do not close with a lock. I entered a free compartment without people and tried to sleep while sitting. I was able to sleep for 20-30 minutes. The bag with the equipment was stashed on his leg, and the phone was in his pocket. Around 5:30 in the morning, I woke up again and began to get angry with myself, because I always keep things with me and I can’t sleep well from this. I took my phone out of my pocket and put my bag under the seat. The next time I woke up without anything, the musician wrote.

Evgeny Khmara and Irina Fedyshyn give charity concerts in European countries, and the funds are transferred to the Armed Forces of Ukraine. The musician admitted that he even saves on a hotel in order to transfer more money to Ukrainian defenders.

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