Pianist Khmara stood up for Fedyshyn because of refereeing at Eurovision: We must learn to forgive

Pianist Khmara stood up for Fedyshyn because of refereeing at Eurovision: We must learn to forgive

Ukrainian pianist Evgeny Khmara stood up for Irina Fedyshyn, who got into a scandal because of the allegedly biased refereeing at Eurovision. The musician noted that at such competitions the jury evaluates the participants exclusively from a professional point of view. He stated this in an interview with KP in Ukraine.

– I think, time will pass, and everyone will understand everything. In this situation with refereeing at Eurovision, for some reason, she got the most nuts. Some part of the audience argued that she was the most popular. Such an argument. And when they also began to write some nasty things to her children, to her personally – “do not go out, because I will rape you” – there are simply no words, Khmara clarified. – Voting at Eurovision is a subjective and professional matter. If you look at the scores of all the jury in Europe, then all plus or minus are the same. Therefore, the hate that she receives, I consider unacceptable. Especially in the form in which it is.

The artist added that the wave of hate that the artist faced in social networks is dividing the people, playing into the hands of Russia.

– Today we have one enemy – a terrorist group called “Russia”. And when such hate begins in the form of letters to children that your mother is such and such, and messages like we will kill you – well, sorry, if we want to be a tolerant nation, then if someone made some mistake, we must learn to forgive , says the pianist.

History of the scandal

Fedyshyn was hunted down in social networks after the Eurovision final, where the artist was one of the members of the national jury. After the publication of the final results of voting, it turned out that in addition to Poland, the Ukrainian jury also put “0” to Lithuania and Romania. At the same time, Ukrainian viewers gave two of these three countries the highest scores. Fedyshyn stated that she placed Poland's Christian Ohman in 10th place out of 24 in the final, and later demanded that the vote be checked because the system, according to her, had failed.

In this Ukrainian producer Vadim Lisitsa became the head of the national jury. The soloist of Pikkardiyskaya tertsiya Andrey Kapral, singer Irina Fedyshyn, conductor Andrey Yatskiv, film critic Lukyan Galkin also gave points to the finalists.

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