Piontkovsky called three reasons why Putin “will not press the red button”

Piontkovsky named three reasons why Putin

The likelihood that Russian dictator Vladimir Putin will use nuclear weapons against Ukraine is extremely small. Russian political scientist and publicist Andrei Piontkovsky named three reasons and explained why Putin would not do this. He spoke about this in an interview with UNIAN.

«This is a bluff of a recent hero of the day. I have been talking about these topics for several months now. My point of view has always been that the likelihood of Putin using tactical nuclear weapons in Ukraine is extremely low. I have three arguments in support of this point of view, and after the events of recent days, including statements by Biden, Sullivan, Blinken, as well as a corresponding statement from Moscow, my confidence that this is unlikely is only getting stronger» .

So, the very first and main reason why Putin «will not press the red button» is that this blow has no military significance. The Russian dictator understands that if nuclear weapons are used, the West will only increase support for Ukraine.

«On the contrary, the reaction will only be the opposite. It makes no sense from a military point of view. A nuclear strike does not solve any military problem for Russia»,— he emphasized.

Second, according to Piontkovsky, the US military has repeatedly warned its Russian counterparts about the consequences of such a decision.

«So that there are no doubts. When Putin, during his insane escalation from September 19, when he announced mobilization, annexation, blew up pipelines and began to threaten nuclear weapons again, the Americans on Sunday, October 2, specifically released Sullivan and Blinken. We are accustomed to these people reflecting a somewhat divergent point of view in the American administration… So that there would be no doubts in the Kremlin about the response to the use of nuclear weapons, Biden specifically released both Sullivan and Blinken in order to convey a very clear message to the Kremlin… Sullivan promised For Russia, in the event of a nuclear strike on Ukraine, catastrophic consequences, and Blinken – terrifying», — Piontkovsky recalled.

The political scientist also stressed that no matter how crazy Putin is, he wants to live and loves life very much.

«But he is not a martyr, he loves life very much. With what crazy paranoia he kept himself safe during the flood. Makron Kal forced to take before the meeting. All these long tables and weekly quarantines for deputies… He loves himself very much and appreciates», — the expert emphasized.

And the third reason why this will not happen is that he does not have a button on the table that he will press. Nuclear strategic weapons are more difficult to use than tactical ones. It takes a whole series of commands to do this.

«They're all in storage. All these movements are observed by American intelligence, and they must be delivered. Two dozen officers will be involved in this, and they must all be insane», — summed up Piontkovsky.

  • Putin once again threatened Western countries and NATO with nuclear weapons during his address to the people about mobilization.
  • A NATO representative told Reuters that the North Atlantic Alliance has not yet recorded changes in Russia's nuclear strategy, but remains vigilant.

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