Platinum blonde with six-pack abs – Ryan Gosling will play Barbie's boyfriend Ken

Platinum blond with six-pack abs – Ryan Gosling to play Barbie's boyfriend Ken

A tanned, athletic blonde with a goofy smile and expressive six-pack abs is all over the world in social networks are discussing a photo of the new role of Ryan Gosling (“La La Land”, “Blade Runner 2049”). The 41-year-old actor appeared as the boyfriend of the famous Barbie doll, Ken. A striking photo – like an advertisement for the upcoming premiere of the movie “Barbie” – was posted by Warner Bros. Pictures on Twitter and it instantly went viral.

The actor himself shared with The Independet that for the sake of such a perfect tanned and smooth torso, he, among other things, had to undergo wax depilation:

“It was one of the most painful experiences of my life. I have a deep admiration for the incredibly brave women who go through this every month,” said Gosling.

Abs-packed platinum blonde Ryan Gosling to play Barbie's boyfriend Ken

Compare puppet Ken and actor. Photo: Wikipedia

The choice of Gosling for this role is not accidental – the actor quite often gets into the ratings of the hottest men. And the actor's wife, actress Eva Mendes, commented on the photo on her Instagram: “This is so damn cute! And I'm so damn excited to see it.” And she tagged #Thatsmyken (This is my Ken)

The role of Barbie went to Margot Robbie (“Once Upon a Time in Hollywood”, “Tonya Against Everyone”). According to the plot of the film, the doll is expelled from the doll world, allegedly because of its imperfection. So Barbie will have to adapt to the real world.

Platinum Blonde with abs – Ryan Gosling will play Barbie's boyfriend Ken

Margot Robbie will play the most popular doll in the world. Photo:

The film also stars Emmy McKay (Sex Education, Death on the Nile) and Will Ferrell (Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back) .

The Barbie movie is set to release in theaters only in July 2023.

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