Podolyak on Russia's plans to “cancel” the independence of Lithuania: The appetites of the “empire” will not be limited to Ukraine

Podolyak on Russia's plans to

Advisor to the head of the President's Office Mikhail Podolyak reacted to the intention of the State Russia's thoughts about the “cancellation” of the decision on the independence of Lithuania. According to him, the Kremlin's “appetites” will not be limited to Ukraine alone.

– This is another proof that the empire's appetites are not limited to Ukraine. Any talk about the path to peace through the preservation of Russia's barbaric physiognomy is self-deception that will bring war to EU territory, he wrote on his Twitter.

As Podolyak noted, the war in Ukraine can only be stopped if the allied countries they will accelerate and increase the supply of military aid to our state.

This is a bill submitted to the State Duma of the Russian Federation. The authors of the documents propose to “cancel” the resolution of the State Council of the USSR “On the recognition of the independence of the Republic of Lithuania”. Russian deputies believe that the decision was allegedly adopted “illegally”.

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