Podolyak: The war will last until the complete withdrawal of the Russian Federation from all occupied territories

Podolyak: The war will last until the Russian Federation completely withdraws from all occupied territories

The war will go on as long as Ukraine needs time to prove that Russia must leave occupied territories. The Ukrainian government is considering two options for the outcome of the war. This was stated by the head of the Office of the President Mikhail Podolyak to the Zerkalo publication.

—The President proposed a minimum program: Russian troops retreat to the positions they occupied on February 23. After – a peaceful negotiation process can begin, where we will discuss all the claims against each other. The maximum task: territorial integrity within the internationally recognized borders of Ukraine, the loss of Russia and its transformation. Otherwise, it will always be in a propaganda frenzy, revanchist moods and constantly strive to resume the war with a new intensity. This is the problem. The war will go on for as long as Ukraine needs to prove that Russia must leave our territories. This is very difficult and difficult, because every day the proof requires the lives of tough guys, – he said.

According to him, it is necessary to find a mechanism that will reduce our price.

– I'm all no matter how much the Russian Federation pays. For us, this is a high price. But nevertheless, we will fight until Russia loses,” he added.

Earlier, Podolyak said that Russia had not planned to carry out the so-called “denazification” since the beginning of the war. Its main goal is to destroy Ukraine as a state.

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