Podolyak told why Belarus cannot be an intermediary between Ukraine and Russia

Podolyak told why Belarus cannot be an intermediary between Ukraine and Russia

Belarus cannot be a mediator in negotiations between Ukraine and Russia due to the fact that it actively supports the aggressor country and is actually a participant in the conflict. This was stated by adviser to the head of the President's Office Mikhail Podolyak in an interview with the Belarusian edition of Zerkalo.

– Mr. Lukashenko feels that if he enters the negotiation process, he will be able to distance himself from the Russian Federation and somehow define his position differently in the legal plane. If the war ends correctly, with the defeat of Russia, then Belarus, within the framework of international law, will have a great responsibility, including Mr. Lukashenko personally. He is very cunning and has been in power for a long time. Lukashenka intuitively feels where and how to turn in order to avoid maximum responsibility,” Podolyak said.

According to him, the behavior of Belarus will be described by legal formulas as a satellite country that contributed to the invasion of a sovereign state. And territorially, and infrastructurally, and intelligence.

Podoliak expressed the opinion that Lukashenka does not understand how international law works and that it does not have a statute of limitations for war crimes.

– One thing when you dance, beating up the opposition, shutting down the media and depriving people of a competitive political system, and another thing when the facts of complicity in certain war crimes are legally proven. Everything that happened in the Kyiv region was done by Russian military units that entered from the territory of Belarus. I want Belarusian officials to start thinking about it,” he added.

Earlier, Podolyak said that Russia had not planned to carry out the so-called “denazification” since the beginning of the war. Its main goal is to destroy Ukraine as a state.

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