Police officer Samuel Ducharme faces new sexual assault charge

Police officer Samuel Ducharme faces a new charge of sexual assault

Samuel Ducharme was one of the spokespersons for the Service de police de Sherbrooke.

Sherbrooke Police Service (SPS) policeman Samuel Ducharme finds himself in court again. A warrant for a second charge of sexual assault has been executed against him for acts that allegedly took place between December 1 and December 31, 2011 in Sherbrooke.

The Director of Criminal and Penal Prosecutions has decided to bring this new charge following the result of a second investigation by the Bureau of Independent Investigations (BEI), which began last November. Samuel Ducharme is scheduled to appear on September 8 to answer the charge.

The investigators contacted him and he agreed to appear voluntarily on July 19 at the Office of Independent Investigations, confirms Guy Lapointe, spokesperson for the BEI. He was released with a court date and conditions to be met pending his court appearance.

Contrary to the first charge, the alleged facts did not occur when Samuel Ducharme was in office.

It is a victim who came forward following the media coverage of the first file, explains Guy Lapointe. As the first investigation had been conducted, a request was made to the Ministry for the Bureau to keep the investigation even if it did not fall within our mandate.

The BEI does not can give more details on the circumstances of the alleged assault so as not to identify the victim.

The Sherbrooke police officer has already been charged with sexual assault, in December 2021, for facts which allegedly occurred on August 19 of the same year while he was on duty.

He then pleaded not guilty and is expected to stand trial next November. The prosecutor will have to decide whether it will relate only to the first charge, or whether Samuel Ducharme will have to face a second one.

The police officer is currently suspended from duty with pay.

Due to the BEI investigation, the SPS will not comment on this case. As for the City of Sherbrooke, it does not want to comment on the file either, explaining that it is confidential information concerning an employee.

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