Police return to former home of assassin Adam Strong in Oshawa

Police return to murderer Adam Strong’s former home in Oshawa

He has been found guilty in connection with the disappearance Ontarians Rori Hache and Kandis Fitzpatrick.

Adam Strong in the dock during his trial in the Ontario Superior Court in Oshawa in the winter of 2021.

Durham Regional Police confirmed on Tuesday that officers did attend the former home of Adam Strong in Oshawa the day before after a piece of clothing was found, but that it is still too late. early to make a connection to the previous criminal investigation into the killer.

Adam Strong was convicted in March 2021 of the premeditated murder of Rori Hache and manslaughter in connection with the death of Kandis Fitzpatrick.

Adam Strong guilty of first degree murder and manslaughter

The two young women had disappeared in 2017 and 2008 and their bodies had been dismembered in Adam Strong's apartment at 19 McMillan Drive in Oshawa, east of Toronto.

In an email, Durham Regional Police say a contractor at that address called them on Monday after a piece of clothing was suspiciously found with the description however, was not mentioned.

She points out that the piece of clothing is now the subject of a forensic examination, but that it is too early to make a connection with the previous investigation into the crimes of ;Adam Strong.

The victims of Adam Strong, Kandis Fitzpatrick and Rori Hache.

At the time, traces of Kandis Fitzpatrick's DNA were found in the apartment, but his body was never found.

The judge at Adam Strong's trial found that the 48-year-old had indeed killed Kandis Fitzpatrick in 2008, but found there was insufficient evidence to convict him of murder as in the case of young Rori.

Rori Hache, who was 18 and pregnant at the time of her disappearance, had also been sexually assaulted prior to her murder.

The Durham Regional Police nevertheless states that investigators have been mobilized to the apartment to take any news or other evidence if necessary. related or not to the investigation.

She adds that she has nothing further to add at this time.

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