Police shoot and wound a man in the Downtown Eastside

Police shoot and injure a man in the Downtown Eastside

Vancouver police officers in the Downtown Eastside on Saturday.

A Vancouver police officer fired a shot at a man who allegedly attacked him with a weapon while he was sitting in his company vehicle in the Downtown Eastside.

Police say the officer suffered head injuries and was hospitalized. The suspect, a 53-year-old man, is also in hospital with non-life-threatening gunshot wounds.

He remains under arrest.< /p>

Shortly after this attack, a second police officer who had responded to the scene was attacked by a passerby, but did not sustain significant injuries. The suspect has been arrested.

The confrontations took place at the corner of East Hastings and Columbia streets.

The Office of Independent Investigations ( IIO), which intervenes when a police action is linked to a death or serious injury, has launched an investigation. A statement said officers on patrol in the Downtown Eastside saw a man brandishing a weapon before the confrontation. All witnesses are asked to provide their observations.

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