Political crisis in London: two ministers slam the door of the Johnson cabinet

Political crisis in London: two ministers slam the door of the Johnson cabinet

Many scandals have rocked the administration of Boris Johnson in recent months.

British finance and health ministers announced on Tuesday that they were stepping down, departures that further weaken the position of Prime Minister Boris Johnson after he tried to apologize for a new scandal rocking his administration.

Rishi Sunak and Sajid Javid tendered their resignations in letters to Boris Johnson, minutes apart, in which they questioned the former London mayor's ability to lead an administration responsive to standards.

Both of these resignations were announced just after Boris Johnson went on TV to apologize for not realizing a former member of his administration was not a choice adequate, despite the latter having been implicated in charges of sexual misconduct against him.

For months, Rishi Sunak and Sajid Javid had publicly supported Boris Johnson in the face of the scandals that have stained his administration, including Partygate – the alcoholic parties organized in Downing Street despite then health restrictions in the face of the COVID-19 epidemic.

Rishi Sunak, who is said to have privately had major disagreements with Boris Johnson over public spending, said he did not take his decision lightly, in a difficult economic context following the health crisis, of the war in Ukraine and other important challenges.

“The public rightly expects the government to behave in the right way, competently and seriously. I think these standards are worth upholding and that is why I am resigning. »

— Rishi Sunak, former finance minister in Boris Johnson's cabinet

According to the BBC, Foreign Secretary Liz Truss has assured that she remains 100% behind the Conservative leader.

Sajid Javid lamented that public opinion and parliamentarians had lost confidence in Boris Johnson's ability to govern in the #x27;national interest.

I regret to have to tell you […] that it seems clear to me that the situation will not change under your leadership and that you have also lost my confidence, he wrote to Boris Johnson, who overcame shortly last month a procedure launched by deputies of his Conservative Party with a view to impeach him.

The resignation last week of prominent Tory MP Christopher Pincher gave rise to days of a fluctuating narrative from Downing Street about what Boris Johnson knew, or did not know, about Pincher's behavior .

Many in the Conservative Party are infuriated by the new accusation of lying against Boris Johnson and Downing Street's reliance on the memory loss argument. Some MPs believe that the British administration is paralyzed by the management of repeated scandals.

Voices are again rising in the Conservative ranks in an attempt to ;Making moves to oust Boris Johnson from power, while others earlier urged key ministers to act.

It's over, the day said a Conservative MP about Boris Johnson on condition of anonymity. He shouldn't prolong the agony. It is disrespectful to his colleagues, his party and his country. Another Tory MP said something similar: It's over. I would be amazed if he made it through the summer.

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