Political scientists: At the St. Petersburg Economic Forum, instead of Putin, a double can act

Political scientists: Putin may be replaced by a double at the St. Petersburg Economic Forum

June 15 in St. Petersburg during the so-called. International Economic Forum, Russian President Vladimir Putin is scheduled to speak. According to a statement by his press secretary, Dmitry Peskov, Putin will have to talk about the impact of sanctions on rising oil and gas prices.

“Although according to preliminary plans, today should be the day of Putin's main triumph – in fact, the announcement of the “New World Order”, when, together with the defeated Ukraine, the progressive world community and the heads of leading states and corporations were to applaud the words of the dictator. But it did not happen as expected,” Oleg Posternak, head of the Center for Political Intelligence, political scientist, Candidate of Historical Sciences, writes in his blog on Korrespondent.net.“The story of the Russian dictator with a serious illness and the inability to move independently finds its confirmation in various sources,” the political scientist writes. For example, the other day Obozrevatel, citing its sources in the Kremlin, wrote that Putin fell into a coma after an unsuccessful operation.

In this regard, Oleg Posternak says that “there is a reasonable assumption that that the technology of demonstrating a double will again be used for the public in Russia. Moreover, those who could tell the truth are forced to remain silent for now.”

By the way, the international economic forum looks just as fake, because due to the lack of significant economic leaders, the Russians had to invite representatives of the Taliban banned in Russia and give official accreditation to the puppets from the so-called. “ldnr”.

“And now, it turns out that Putin himself will be present virtually, instead of the real one, a double will perform. The practice is not new, there are no those at the event who can distinguish the original from the copy. And the speeches have long been prepared. Although, as announced, the talk about the “New World Order” has been postponed until better times, it will not be possible to declare oneself the winner in the war against the collective West,” the political scientist writes.

Other Ukrainian political experts agree with him.< /p>

“It is not possible to declare oneself the winner of the war, to dictate the terms of the event – also, sanctions instead have reached unprecedented proportions in history. Moreover, today the leaders of four European states have arrived in hated Ukraine, which automatically makes the level of representation of the negotiations in Kyiv higher than the St. Petersburg International Economic Forum,” emphasizes Igor Chalenko, Chairman of the Center for Analysis and Strategies. behind the gait, facial expressions, gestures and other details of the behavior of the one who will be proclaimed Vladimir Putin,” suggests political expert Vladimir Sonyuk. And he also adds: “Meanwhile, the environment, most likely, will prepare the transit of power and try to negotiate with decision-making centers. Of course, they are interested in lifting sanctions and unfreezing assets.”

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