Political storm in the United States, following the search of Trump's home

Political storm in the United States, following the search of Trump's home

Former President Donald Trump, who denounced the search of the federal police at his home, believes he is the victim of a witch hunt.

A first step towards a trial for some, “a political persecution” for others: the spectacular search of Donald Trump's home by the FBI on Tuesday shed new light on the deep fractures of America, at the& #x27;time when the former president ostensibly flirts with a new candidacy.

Never has a former tenant of the White House been worried by the justice of this way.

Does the federal police search have to do with the many boxes that Donald Trump took with him when he left the White House in January 2021? Is she related to the investigation into her responsibility for the Capitol storming? Does it rather relate to the suspicions of financial fraud of which the Trump Organization is the object in New York?

Contacted by AFP, the FBI did not ; declined to comment.

Donald Trump, who claims his innocence in each of these cases and claims to be the subject of a witch hunt, strongly denounced by press release the search by the federal police, to which he did not attended.

Our nation is living through dark days, he castigated, assuring that this unannounced search of my home was neither necessary nor appropriate.

Nobody is above the law […], not even a former president, Democratic Speaker of the House of Representatives Nancy Pelosi retorted Tuesday on NBC – who, like most of the other tenors of her camp, has been calling for years to hold the ex-real estate mogul to account.

This judicial escalation seems to have at the same time cemented the hold of Donald Trump on the Republican Party, which has united around the former man of affairs – to the point of making him a martyr.

As soon as the search was announced, a group of supporters of Donald Trump went to the luxurious residence of the former businessman to shout their anger.

Supporters of Donald Trump protested Monday evening outside his Florida residence to denounce the visit of the federal police who were going to carry out a search there.

Several of them were waving Biden is not my president flags, yet another reminder that more than a year and a half after Donald Trump's election defeat, tens of millions of #x27;Americans remain firmly convinced that the 2020 presidential election was stolen from them.

On social networks, some Trumpists called purely and simply for divorce on Tuesday, in this country with divisions so gaping that they may seem irreconcilable.

These are the kinds of things that happen in countries in civil war, rebuked Marjorie Taylor Greene, an elected representative from Georgia known for her excesses, even calling for the dismantling of the FBI. The political persecution MUST STOP!!!

His side could regain control of Congress in November's legislative election, which promises to be perilous for Joe Biden's camp.< /p>

Denouncing an intolerable instrumentalization for political purposes of the Department of Justice, the leader of the conservatives in the House of Representatives, Kevin McCarthy, has promised an investigation into its functioning if the Republicans return to power.

Mike Pence, whose reaction was later, assured that yesterday's actions undermine[d] public confidence in the justice system.

“I share the deep concern of millions of Americans following the unprecedented search of President Trump's private residence. »

— Mike Pence, former right-hand man of Donald Trump, in a tweet

Mike Pence could run for US President in 2024.

For her part, White House spokeswoman Karine Jean-Pierre on Tuesday categorically dismissed the possibility that Joe Biden had been informed in advance of the search of his former (and potential future) rival in the US. x27;presidential election.

“President Biden has been very clear, before he was elected and since the beginning of his tenure, that the Department of Justice conducts its investigations independently. He believes in the rule of law. »

— Karine Jean-Pierre, spokesperson for the White House

Donald Trump, who could at any time declare himself a candidate for a new term, has in all Cas jumped at the chance to appeal once again for the generosity of his supporters.

It wasn't just my house that was attacked, it's ;is the home of every patriotic American I have fought for, he pleaded in an email sent to his activists, suggesting a donation of $5 to $5,000 to fight a witch hunt.


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