Polls 'lie' says Bolsonaro, on tense national holiday

Polls “”lie” says Bolsonaro, during tense national holiday

According to the polls, Jair Bolsonaro will be defeated in the presidential election by the left-wing ex-head of state Lula.

The polls are “lies”, launched Brazilian President Jair Bolsonaro on Wednesday, given a presidential defeat by the left-wing ex-head of state Lula, during a fiery speech in front of tens of thousands. of sympathizers gathered in Brasilia for the bicentenary of independence.

Here it's not the Datafolha lie, here reigns the truth, he declared about the reference institute which grants him only 32% of the voting intentions, far behind Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva, 45%, in the first round on October 2.

They want to return to the scene of the crime, the president added about Lula's Workers' Party (PT) which ruled Brazil for 14 years. They will not return!, he assured, while the crowd chanted: Lula, thief!.

Bolsonaro intends to make the commemoration of the bicentenary a show of force, to less than four weeks away from the most polarized poll in Brazil's recent history.

President Bolsonaro had invited his compatriots to come out en masse to celebrate the country's independence.

Never have I seen such a big sea with its green and yellow colors, those of the national flag, he launched in front of the crowd which filled the gigantic Esplanade of the ministries of the capital.

On the other hand, neither the presidents of the Supreme Court, the Senate or the Chamber of Deputies were present, contrary to tradition.

Come to the streets, it is still time, dressed in green and yellow, the national colors, had launched Bolosonaro to the Brazilians, during an interview with TV Brasil before the military parade which inaugurated the celebrations.

This day unfolds under tension, the opposition accusing Bolsonaro of wanting to usurp the national holiday for electoral purposes.

Last year, September 7 was marked by putschist slogans in pro-Bolsonaro processions. The Head of State had attacked the institutions and swore that only God could drive him out of power.

This September 7 will necessarily have a big political connotation, because we are in the home stretch of the campaign, says Paulo Baia, professor of political science at the Federal University of Rio de Janeiro.

It will be an eventful day, which could be marred by episodes of violence, he warns.

The military parade, canceled in 2020 and 2021 due to COVID, was surrounded by an exceptional security device.

Jair Bolsonaro offered himself a parade in the middle of his supporters.

Jair Bolsonaro was to continue the bicentenary celebrations in Rio de Janeiro, along Copacabana beach where a parade of dozens of jet skis took place and where thousands of fervent supporters had already gathered at the end of the morning.


Among them, Suely Ferreira, 64, carried a banner calling on Bolsonaro to put the armed forces into action to remove the judges of the Supreme Court, his hero's pet peeves. A dictatorship in a toga [which] is ruining the country, according to her.

He will win, it is not possible otherwise, she says, this demonstration is very important for show the world that our president is loved.

Traditionally, the Rio military parade is held about fifteen kilometers away. But the head of state insisted that this year the soldiers parade in the place where Bolsonarist demonstrations usually take place.

This decision took for short the town hall: Atlantica Avenue, which follows the coastline in Copacabana, is much narrower than that of the center.

A compromise was finally found: there will be no armor near the beach, but warships on the ocean and military planes in the sky, as well as demonstrations by paratroopers.

Bolsonaro wants to make the country's national day “a great show of force to retain his voters”.

Jair Bolsonaro should first greet a crowd of bikers who promise a backfiring procession towards Copacabana, before haranguing the demonstrators on a large platform rented by pastors of powerful evangelical churches.

An intense campaign was carried out on social networks to rally as many demonstrators as possible and Bolsonarian youtubers launched calls for donations online.

One ​​of the sons of the head of state, pro-gun MP Eduardo Bolsonaro, for his part, invited Brazilians who bought a gun legally to volunteer in his father's campaign.

It remains to be seen if Bolsonaro's speech in Rio will be radical.

He hopes for a great show of force to retain his voters, but also to seduce them from x27; others who are more in the center, believes Paulo Baia.

He has moderated his speech somewhat in recent weeks, even s 'on Saturday he called Supreme Court Justice Alexandre de Moraes a thug, who notably opened several investigations against him for disinformation.

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