Polyakova Asked Zelensky to Grant Ukrainian Citizenship to Russian Blogger Belotserkovskaya

Polyakova asked Zelensky to grant Ukrainian citizenship to Russian blogger Belotserkovskaya

Ukrainian singer Olya Polyakova appealed to President Vladimir Zelensky with a request to grant Ukrainian citizenship to Russian blogger Nika Belotserkovskaya, who originally from the Odessa region. The artist wrote about this on her Instagram.

– This is our Nika! And it's her birthday today! And ours, because from the first day of the war for us, despite the first criminal proceedings in Russia for the truth about Ukraine and Russian aggression, then the federal wanted list, and on the eve of her birthday, all her property was arrested in Russia! But she still speaks and writes the truth, and also helps Odessa, hospitals and the wounded, because the call of blood, because she is from Odessa!, – wrote Polyakova.

contribution to the victory of our country. In this regard, Polyakova asked President Zelensky to grant Ukrainian citizenship to the blogger.

– Her multi-million audience hears her, and she makes her contribution to our future victory every day, despite criminal prosecutions, seizures of property, threats. And on the birthday of this brave woman, I want to turn to our President Volodymyr Zelensky and ask for the best gift in the world – Ukrainian citizenship for Veronika Belotserkovskaya, as for the faithful daughter of her people! and Belotserkovskaya reminded about the law on ethnic Ukrainians

Some of the subscribers criticized Polyakova's appeal. In the comments, they began to write that “distributing” citizenship to all “good” Russians does not comply with the law. Belotserkovskaya herself reacted to the reaction of her friend's subscribers. She stated that she could legally claim Ukrainian citizenship, since part of her family lives in Odessa, but she “does not ask anyone for anything.”

– Dear commentators worried about my citizenship. Do not be nervous – I can get it on absolutely legal grounds and even in a simplified manner – by birthright in Odessa and because part of my family lives there. Don’t waste your nerves, I don’t ask anyone for anything, the Russian woman wrote in the comments.

Polyakova hurried to defend herself for her friend, noting that she herself asks Zelensky for Ukrainian citizenship for Belotserkovsky.


Russian journalist and blogger Veronika Belotserkovsky is from Ukraine. From the beginning of the Russian invasion of Ukraine, she publicly condemned the actions of the Russian authorities and spoke out in support of our country, after which a criminal case was opened in Russia against the blogger. Since May 2022, Belotserkovskaya has been put on the wanted list in Russia.

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