Polyakova returns to Ukraine to give concerts in hospitals

Polyakova returns to Ukraine to give concerts in hospitals

Singer Olya Polyakova, who went to France with her children because of the Russian war in Ukraine, returns home. The artist plans to come to Ukraine at the end of June. The star announced this on June 15 in an interview with “Snidank z 1 + 1”.

– I'm already returning to Kyiv in a week and a half and will give concerts in hospitals for the military, – said the artist.

< p> Polyakova admitted that her children are very homesick, especially the youngest daughter Alice. The girl has become more patriotic and now even on the beach she does not hesitate to sing Ukrainian songs.

– My child comes to the beach and sings “Our Father Bandera, mother Ukraine …” and at the same time she dances the “rope”. I've never seen her do that. She is now actively watching Tik Tok, various social networks, there is a lot of it. Songs with obscene words, about Rashists … I ask her: “where do you get this.” She shows me, tells me, in general, I am aware of everything youth, – she clarified.

Polyakova's eldest daughter Masha has already graduated from school and is now waiting for admission to one of the foreign universities.

– Where we will do and how we will pull on finances – we will go there, – Olya shared.

In May, Polyakova gave a charity tour to the United States, and before that she performed at charity football matches in support for Ukraine. In social networks, the star admitted that upon returning to France, the airline lost her luggage with her concert costumes. .jpg” alt=”Polyakova returns to Ukraine to give concerts in hospitals” />

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