Positive is no longer an artist MOЗGI ENTERTAINMENT: I'm my own producer

Pozitiv is no longer an artist of MO3GI ENTERTAINMENT: I ​​am my own producer

Ukrainian hip-hop artist Pozitiv (Aleksey Zavgorodniy) is no longer an artist of the MO3GI ENTERTAINMENT production center. The singer has changed the format of cooperation with the MO3GI label – he does his own production, but uses the distribution service. The artist announced this in an interview with the MUZVAR portal.

– MOЗGI ENTERTAINMENT is now an open label, we are no longer label artists, but our own producers. Now I cooperate with them only in the distribution of tracks. And it became more difficult when you were left alone, when you need to find a team, management. At times like these, there are only people who really believe in you. And I am very grateful to them, they understand that now it is not money, but the future of the artist. The main thing is not to let them down, – Pozitiv admitted.

The singer added that the full-scale invasion of the Russian Federation made adjustments to everyday life. Now Positive lives in the studio, where he simultaneously writes new songs.

– I refused the apartment that I rented, because it is very difficult financially. My history has changed a lot now, now artists are in a difficult position, all artists. After all, I would not say that royalties are the same as money from concerts, corporate parties. Still, in the forefront of all corporate artists. But I think we can live with it,” said the artist.

Positive is no longer an artist MO3GI ENTERTAINMENT: I'm my own producer


In addition to POSITIFF, Michelle Andrade also ended his production contract with the label. Now the star is collaborating with the company on new terms as an independent artist.

POSITIFF and Michelle Andrade started a new stage in their singing career together with the track “Before Svitankom”. The artists recorded a trio with Alina Pash, dedicating a new song to the defenders and defenders of Ukraine.

Positive is no longer an artist MO3GI ENTERTAINMENT: I'm my own producer

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