Premieres of the week: LOBODA's “Prayer” for Ukraine, and Pivovarov and DOROFEEVA have a track on Shevchenko's verses

Premieres of the week: LOBODA's

KOLA – “Chi together?”

Voice of the Country participant Nastya Prudius (KOLA) presented the author's song “Chi at once?” dedicated to all the girls waiting for news from the guys from the war. The track went viral on Tik Tok even before the premiere, more than 20 thousand people shot videos on it.

– Enemy equipment continues to drive through our fields, bullets and shells fly. Every Ukrainian suffers from the terrible events of the war. Something happens that, apparently, did not even dream in the worst dream. Unfortunately, war is an expectation. Every woman feels inexpressible pain, every day waiting in loud silence for news from her beloved. It was in such moments of anxiety that I wrote the song “Chi at once?”, – the artist told about the premiere.

Premieres of the week: LOBODA has


On Children's Day, ALEKSEEV presented a song dedicated to mothers who always protect children from any trouble.

< strong>– Mom is the very first and reliable protection of every child: mother Marina, six-year-old Power from Bucha, protects from heaven and thanks him every time he brings food to her burial place, three-month-old Kira, together with her mother Valeria from Odessa, remained inseparable for the whole eternity and already there nothing threatens them, and millions of mothers save their children every day, either in Ukraine or abroad. – shared ALEKSEEV.

Premieres of the week: at LOBODA's

Max Barskikh – “Check me”

Singer Max Barskikh presented the third single since the beginning of the full-scale invasion of Ukraine. “Check me” is a song that promises every soldier, internally displaced person and refugee to return home as soon as possible. The premiere of the single took place as part of the charity telethon Save Ukraine – #StopWar on May 29 in Berlin.

– The war scattered Ukrainians all over the world, and we say “thank you” to him for his care and warm hugs. This cannot be overestimated. We will always be grateful to the people and cities that will shelter our women and children, for their kindness and responsiveness. But I am sure that every night before going to sleep, Ukrainians dream of returning to their homes, regardless of whether they survived or are in ruins. Our defenders also dream of a home, their loved ones and children in the most difficult moments. They fight for peace in their land, knowing that they are waiting with hugs, full of love. Our warriors will return, our mothers and women will return, our children and the world will return. You need to wait and do everything to win, – said the performer.

 Premieres of the week: LOBODA has

DETACH – “Інші”

Group DETACH after a break, she returned to the stage with the track “Інші”, in which they sang about the feelings and experiences of every Ukrainian during the war.

– Each of us has acquaintances from Mariupol, Irpin or Bucha, we know their personal stories about all the executions and torture that took place there. In general, music like that of DETACH requires emotional tension and a certain rage. And the war gave us all this completely. The track “Others” was created very quickly – the music was written in a few days, and I recorded a demo of it in a maximum of an hour and a half. The track itself is about Ukraine, about the fact that it is now one on one with a crowd of zombies and that we will win, nothing else, – the musicians said.

Premieres of the week: LOBODA has

Mari Cheba – “Nation of Heart”

Singer Mari Cheba presented the song “Nation of Heart”, dedicating it to all Ukrainians who are going through the war, but together with However, they do not lose their cordiality and support each other. The video for the song was filmed by the singer's man Andrey Koren.

– The song was written in Lviv, in the apartment of friends who sheltered us. I remember how we were then shocked by everything that happened. At that moment in Lviv, we were already used to rocket arrivals – we lived in that part of the city where they were very close. It was very scary, our house was just shaking, we were hiding in the basement with a large crowd of people … Only when I recovered a little from everything that was happening to us, the “Nation of the Heart” appeared.

Premieres of the week: LOBODA has

 Bu Lada – “My Democracy”

Singer Bu Lada released a patriotic single “My Democracy” about faith in Ukraine, our victory and the fact that evil will be punished.

– Mothers with weapons and children in their arms; raped girls; Kherson residents at peaceful protests under grenade explosions; Ukrainians whose relatives are being killed; The military, who courageously defend us and our lands. Unfortunately, these are not invented images for writing a song. This is a real war! Not somewhere, someone else. This is the war of every Ukrainian! This is our democracy! For together to defend our land and our freedom is our collective decision! That is why we succeed and together we will win! Thanks to doctors, volunteers, animal rights activists, our Armed Forces! Thanks to the Ukrainians!, – Bu Lada commented on the premiere.

Premieres of the week: LOBODA has

LOBODA – “Prayer”

Singer LOBODA presented the Ukrainian-language song “Prayer”, dedicating it to the courage of the Ukrainian people in the war with Russia.

< strong>– 100 days … 100 days from the beginning of another life, other dreams, other words and meanings, other people, tears, other songs, other prayers! 100 days that forever changed the world and aged millions of hearts by 100 years. It was difficult to start singing again… Very difficult! But music, like a thin strip of light, breaks through the darkest days. We will still celebrate life on our beautiful land and we will sing songs not from pain, but from happiness! – admitted the star.

Premieres of the week: LOBODA has

Zhurba – “Chom ti don't come”

– In the chorus, I wove quotes from our folk song “Chom ti ne priyshov”, building around a love story adapted to modern times. The shooting of the clip was to take place at the end of February in the workshop of a famous Ukrainian sculptor in Kyiv. But a terrible misfortune befell us all… Now the meaning of the song has changed, it has become deep and tragic. Unfortunately, in the song now you can hear not a fictional plot, but today's realities, – the singer said about the premiere.

Premiers of the week: LOBODA has

INTUI – “Ukraine “

INTUI singer presented the song “Ukraine” to raise the morale of Ukrainians:

– Now is the time to raise the Ukrainian spirit! From thinking, creativity to some business ideas for the development of our economy. I believe that every person who thinks positively and sees our good future, he is already making his contribution, the intention is to add more action and we will move in the right direction, raise the country. I try to have as much creativity as possible in any of its manifestations, raising our cultural development. I hope that next year we will return to a normal, better life and there will be even more festivals, concerts, various events that will inspire and delight people,” the artist noted.

Premieres of the week: LOBODA has

Artem Pivovarov and DOROFEEVA – “Dumi”

Artem Pivovarov presented another duet within the framework of the project “Your Vershi, My Notes” – the artist recorded the song “Dumi” to the verses of Taras Shevchenko together with DOROFEEVA. The artist will transfer part of the proceeds from the auditions to the Soborna Ukraine Foundation to help Ukrainians who suffered in the war.

– We are going through difficult times. Being in a continuous flow of information, we try to fill the existential void. We are constantly in ourselves, one on one with our thoughts, which can be difficult. But we must understand that every Ukrainian, with all his experiences and difficulties, is needed by his country more than ever. Ukraine is our mother, accepting us as we are. She lives within us. And we want to see the same in our children, Artem admitted.

Premieres of the week: LOBODA's

Natalia Mogilevskaya – “I'm at Home”

< p>On the day of Kyiv, Natalia Mogilevskaya presented the song “I'm at Home”. The locations of the star's new music video are places with a tragic history of hostilities in Ukraine. Filming took place in Borodianka, Bucha, Irpin and the center of Kyiv.

– I'm at home, I took care of it… On the day of Kyiv…. Premiere … As from the first days of life, and from the first days of the war, I was with you, my Kyiv, I sang to you in the subway, I did everything possible and impossible, like thousands of your women with you all this time. We will be able to survive this war, we will definitely see the Victory Parade on your Khreshchatyk! – the singer commented on the premiere.

Premieres of the week: LOBODA has

Vasya Nagirnyak – “In the ranks”

Singer Vasya Nagirnyak wrote the track “In the ranks”, dedicating it to all the girls waiting for their loved ones from the front line. The co-author of the song was the winner of “Star Factory-3” Stas Shurins.

– A friend called me, told me how he took his family under shelling to a safe place, how scared he was, but he returned and left for the Armed Forces of Ukraine, I was struck by his story, I could hardly keep from bursting into tears when I hung up – immediately added song and dedicated it to him and his wife. In general, it is dedicated to all the wives who were forced to leave their homes and are now somewhere in a foreign land waiting for their loved ones who are risking their lives on the front lines! – said the singer.

Premieres of the week: LOBODA's

OLEYNIK- “I wondered why she cried so hard”

Singer Vadim Oleinik presented his version songs to Alexander Ponomarev's hit “Chomus cried out so loudly”.

Premiers of the week: LOBODA's

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