President: Electricity supply of cities has been stabilized, but there is still a shortage

President: Electricity supply to cities has stabilized, but there is still a shortage

President Volodymyr Zelensky announced the stabilization of the supply of electricity to cities, but restrictions are still possible in individual cities and regions. He announced this in his evening video message on October 29.

“Today there are already much fewer stabilization and emergency shutdowns – an order of magnitude less. We are doing everything to make power outages as predictable as possible and people can plan their day,” the Ukrainian leader said.

According to him, the difficult situation after Russian strikes was in Uman, Umansky district and Kievskaya area, but it is corrected. The President stressed that the return of the technical possibility of electricity supply does not mean that the energy shortage in the system has been overcome.

“Russian terror continues. He is very cynical. Sometimes repeated blows are deliberately applied when repairs have begun, when restoration is underway. Therefore, please, this applies to all Ukrainians, it is very important to be conscious about the consumption of electricity. This need persists”, — Zelensky added.

  • On October 28, Klitschko told how much time is needed to stabilize the situation with electricity in Kyiv.

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