Prigozhin believes that the “Wagnerite” Nuzhin from the scandalous video was killed by the CIA

Prigozhin believes that

Founder of PMC «Wagner» Yevgeny Prigozhin believes that the «Vagenerovets» Evgeny Nuzhin could have been «recruited by the CIA». This was reported by the press service of Prigozhin's company «Concord».

It is reported that Prigozhin asked the Russian Prosecutor General to check the version of the «involvement of American intelligence agencies» to the murder of Nuzhin. According to his version, Nuzhin was allegedly recruited by the CIA and went to prison for 27 years in advance, due to the fact that the CIA knew in advance about the future «coup d'├ętat» in Ukraine in 2014, as well as possible clashes on the territory of Ukraine, he infiltrated the PMC «Wagner», and «created the conditions for his execution».

In the statement it is said that Nuzhin was a «volunteer» as part of a PMC and participated in hostilities, but it is denied that he was abducted and killed by colleagues. Prigozhin also believes that his militants could not have kidnapped Nuzhin and taken him to the front line unnoticed. In his opinion, this could have been organized by the US special services, which «abduct people all over the world».

Moreover, he stated that the video does not contain swear words in Russian, which &# 171; are typical for such videos with the participation of Russians», and the color of the brick on which Nuzhin's head lay does not correspond to that used in the Russian Federation. He also claims that the camouflage coloring of the uniforms of the people involved in the video corresponds to the development of an American company.

  • On November 12, a video of the brutal murder of Yevgeny Nuzhin appeared on the Web. What is happening was called «punishment of a traitor».

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