Prigozhin recruited a cannibal maniac for the war against Ukraine, and a separate detachment is formed from the rapists

Prigozhin recruited a cannibal maniac for the war against Ukraine, and the rapists form a separate detachment

Owner of a private military company «Liga» (formerly PMC «Wagner«) Yevgeny Prigozhin has already recruited about 10,000 Russian prisoners for the war in Ukraine. Among them was a cannibal maniac. This was announced by a human rights activist and head of the fund «Rus sitting» Olga Romanova.

According to her, Putin's so-called “cook” offers to fight against Ukraine the criminals who robbed, killed and raped people. In particular, he recruited a maniac engaged in cannibalism.

“We know two stories from the Saratov zones, from absolutely terrible zones, there is one very special. From there they took a maniac who, so to speak, has cannibalism in his portfolio. He also went to war”, — said Romanova.

She noted that in prisons, recruiters “take all the articles,” however, as Prigozhin himself said, they prefer murderers, racketeers and robbers. And now they have begun to take people convicted of rape, but they are in a separate detachment”, & # 8212; noted the human rights activist.

Romanova said that they come to some colonies several times to recruit prisoners. Prigogine is looking for «cannon fodder» among the criminals and he managed to gather a lot of people who wanted to fight against Ukraine. At the same time «Liga» recruits prisoners not throughout the Russian Federation, but only in some regions.

“The northernmost part is Komi, Syktyvkar, the southernmost is Adygea, the easternmost is Tatarstan, the westernmost is the Pskov and Smolensk regions. For some reason, they don’t go east of Tatarstan,” she says.

The human rights activist also added that many prisoners agree to go to war not for money, but to get out of the colony.

«These are the relatives who want money, and the prisoners want to get out of this matrix, get out, go anywhere, because any place on earth is better than a Russian prison», — emphasized Romanova.

  • In early August, prisoners told how Prigozhin recruited them into his “paramilitary organized criminal group.”
  • In September a video of the recruitment has appeared.
  • Prigozhin commented on the mass recruitment of prisoners.

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