Prigozhin said that his complaint about “shell hunger” did not improve the supply and showed dozens of corpses of “Wagnerites” | PHOTO

Prigozhin stated that his complaint about the

The founder of the Russian terrorist PMC «Wagner» Yevgeny Prigozhin said that after his complaint against the Russian Defense Ministry and the General Staff, the situation with the supply of PMCs with ammunition has not improved. Prigozhin's press service posted photos from the place where the bodies of the dead mercenaries were collected.

“Ammunition has not been given to us, nor is it given. It is now 10 am on February 22, and no steps have been taken to issue ammunition. The photo below is one of the places where the dead were gathered. These are the guys who died yesterday due to “shell hunger”. They should have been five times less! Those who should have decided the issue of supplying us with a sufficient amount of ammunition are to blame”, — says an audio recording distributed by the press service.

Attention! Footage is not recommended for viewing by minors, pregnant women and people with a weak psyche!

Prigozhin stated that his complaint about the

The day before, Prigozhin directly accused the Russian Ministry of Defense and the General Staff of countering the transfer of ammunition to PMC Wagner. In his opinion, these departments thus seek to “destroy” his private military company.

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