Prikhodko and Sukhanov about the video “The leg has cramped!”: On you, your ass is on fire, you sang!

Prikhodko and Sukhanov about the video "The foot has cramped!": On you, your ass is on fire, you sang!

Clip of the Russian group “Nogu svelo!” for the song “Ukraine” caused a heated discussion on the network. While some thank the musicians for their support, others believe that Ukrainians should ignore all representatives of Russian show business. TV host Alexei Sukhanov, who was born in Russia and received Ukrainian citizenship in early February, does not believe in the sincerity of his former compatriots.

– Wherever he lives – in the USA, in Indonesia, in Bali or on another island – it does not matter. If since 2014 he had annually released such a song or video or made statements indicating that he is on the side of Ukraine, then in this way he would, of course, prove it. And here – on you, your ass is on fire, you sang! – said Alexei Sukhanov in the show “Evening with Ukraine”.

If the artist really wanted to support Ukraine in this way, then why didn’t he sing in Ukrainian, Sukhanov wonders. Even if the band's fans would not accept such work.

Sukhanov's opinion is shared by the singer Anastasia Prikhodko, who worked in Moscow for a long time and even represented Russia at Eurovision in 2011.

– Now I do not consider these songs by Russian performers appropriate. They had time – the war began in 2014. Why did these artists decide to release a song about Ukraine now? Did you need this time to understand that something would be different? Don't you see that Russia is only sliding down? It has been since the beginning of the war in Ukraine – they are doing everything to return to the Soviet Union. And now they understand: “Where do we go back to? Let's sing about Ukraine!” – said singer Anastasia Prikhodko in the studio of the Evening with Ukraine program.

Since 2019, the leader of the rock group Maxim Pokrovsky has been living in the United States. According to the artist, his mother is from Ukraine. The video for the song “Ukraine” hit the trends of Ukrainian YouTube.

 Prikhodko and Sukhanov about the clip "The leg has cramped!": On you, your ass is on fire, you sang! /></p></p>
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