Prikhodko called Potap “g * vnom”: Criticized for my position against Russia

Prikhodko called Potap “g*vnom”: Criticized for my position against Russia

Anastasia Prikhodko once again spoke with unflattering words about Potap. On her Facebook, the singer reposted the news that he and Nastya Kamensky refused to perform in Russia. According to the singer, such a decision was made too late.

– A rare shit, not a person! Shit and point, – said Prikhodko.

At the request of subscribers to explain their attitude towards the producer and musician, Anastasia wrote that he is now “trying to be a patriot, forgetting how he took off his pants in the Kremlin.”< /p>

– He's like a complete shit man! Now he speaks in my words of 2014, and when we crossed paths at the Palace of Ukraine, he insulted me. Why was sent to x * d. Then he ran and turned everyone against me and spoke very ugly in circles for my actions against Russia, and I know about it. And now you are trying to be a patriot, forgetting how you took off your pants in the Kremlin! Shit? Shit… I hate to read these vyser two-faced man! I don’t believe him and I won’t forgive him for the miserable letters! – answered the singer.

Anastasia Prikhodko herself, of course, was reminded in the comments that in 2009 she performed at Eurovision from Russia. The singer noticed that she sang in Ukrainian.

In March, Prikhodko criticized Tina Karol, Max Barsky, Monatik and Dorofeeva. The first went for the fact that she did not criticize the others for concerts in Russia after 2014. Potap admitted that it was a mistake to record a song with Olga Buzova. The producer assured that it would never come out.

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