Pritula met with Reznikov, they talked about the money collected at Bayraktara

Pritula met with Reznikov, talked about the money collected at Bayraktary

Sergey Pritula and Alexei Reznikov met to discuss the use of the money collected at Bayraktary funds. The presenter announced the meeting with the Minister of Defense of Ukraine in his social networks on the evening of June 29.

– Today, during a meeting with the Minister of Defense Oleksiy Reznikov, I received several options on how to dispose of these funds. In the near future we will coordinate these options with both the Defense Ministry and the General Staff,” Prytula wrote.

According to the presenter, there is an understanding where drones marked “People’s Bayraktar” will eventually be sent. Now it is important to rationally manage hundreds of millions of hryvnias, to decide on the range of purchases for the army. Sergiy Prytula noted that the defenders themselves would “cut” the tasks.

The host said that over the past few days he had given interviews to British, German, Irish, Swiss, and American media. Everyone had the same question: how did they manage to raise so much money for Bayraktar in three days.

On June 22, Serhiy Prytula, on his birthday, raised money for one Bayraktar for the Armed Forces of Ukraine. On June 24 – in three days – he raised money for four combat drones. On June 27, the Turkish company Baykar announced that it would give Ukraine three drones free of charge, for which Ukrainians raised 600 million hryvnias.

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