Promotes stigma and discrimination – VG

Promotes stigma and discrimination – VG

RESPONDS: The well-known “Rocket Man” singer goes out against the Grammy-nominated rapper. Photo: PA / AP

Artist Elton John (74) is “shocked” and joins the ranks of celebrities who criticize rapper DaBaby (29) for homophobic and misinformative comments.

During a performance at the “Rolling Loud” music festival in Miami on Sunday, rapper Jonathan Lyndale Kirk, better known as rapper DaBaby, was filmed while coming to the sensational comments.

The statements attract attention because many people perceive what he said as homophobic towards LGBT + people and derogatory towards those affected by HIV and AIDS.

The British pop king Elton John is one of several famous faces who have longs for him.

– If you did not show up today with HIV / AIDS or any of the deadly sexually transmitted diseases that cause you to die in two to three weeks, hold a lighter up, was some of what DaBaby said live.

SCENEVANT: The rapper DaBaby is known for having a strong presence on stage when he performs. Now several stars are reacting to some comments he made during a performance in Miami. Foto: GERARDO MORA / GETTY IMAGES NORTH AMERICA

“We have been shocked to read about HIV misinformation and homophobic statements during a recent DaBaby appearance,” Elton John wrote in an Instagram post.

He emphasizes that such comments have negative consequences for the LGBT + community and those affected by HIV and AIDS.

– This promotes stigma and discrimination and is the opposite of what our world needs to fight the AIDS epidemic.

Pop star Dua Lipa (25), who has collaborated with DaBaby on a version of the song “Levitating”, also condemns the comments on her Instagram story writes Variety.

– I am surprised and appalled by DaBaby’s comments, Lipa wrote.

– I really do not recognize this as the person I worked with, she continues.

She is clear that she fully supports the LGBT + community and calls for unity to combat the stigma and ignorance surrounding HIV and AIDS.

HORRIBLE: Pop princess Dua Lipa reacts to partner DaBaby’s comments during a recent appearance. Photo: Arroyo-OConnor / AFF

Apologies on Twitter

DaBaby apologizes for what he calls insensitive statements in a tweet on Tuesday. He writes that it was not the intention to offend anyone.

– Everyone who has been affected by AIDS / HIV has the right to be upset, it says, among other things.

In another Twitter post, DaBaby writes that the statements were misinterpreted.

DaBaby has really made a name for itself in the music industry over the last two years. In 2020 and 2021, he received a total of six Grammy nominations.

The rapper has also been featured in the media due to several clashes with US police in the last six months.

DaBaby has been involved in the investigation of a shooting episode which took place in June 2021. And in January became the rapper arrested for carrying a loaded weapon.

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