Propagandists of the Russian Federation in Kherson cut the wheels of the car

Russian propagandists in Kherson had their car wheels slashed

To a Russian propagandist Roman Saponkov was cut in the occupied Kherson by the wheels of his car. He complained about this to Telegram.

According to the propagandist, he «set his own record for the speed of changing wheels in the night». He jokingly thanked the people of Kherson for the fact that the wheels were simply pierced, not burned.

Journalist Denis Kazansky reacted to this.

«Yes, Saponkov, you — invaders, and Ukrainians hate you. There is no secret here. Get the hell out of Kherson and our country soon», — he emphasized.

Propagandist Alexander Kots also reported cut wheels.

«The megajack passed field tests with honor (thanks to TiBro for the complete set). Kherson “partisans” cut the wheels on my car and the cars of my colleagues. We could make a good F1 pitstop team)», — he wrote.

Russian propagandists in Kherson were cut auto wheels

  • Reznikov said that the Russians are potentially ready for an “act of goodwill” in Kherson.

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