Prytula raised money for four “Bayraktars” in three days

Pritula collected money for four

Ukrainian TV host Serhiy Prytula managed to raise 600 million hryvnias in three days to buy four Bayraktar strike drones. This was reported in the Telegram channel of the showman's charitable foundation.

– Ukrainians cannot be defeated. They are told “10% is missing”, and they are completing the 4th “Bayraktar”! We raised 600 million in three days! Thanks to every person, every business that joined this historic meeting. You proved that the Ukrainians are beyond their powers. You have proved that every hryvnia has weight, the fund said.

Prytula also called on Ukrainians to unite to help the Ukrainian army. He reminded that the army needs military equipment.

– Please don't forget that the army needs our help. Drones, cars, optics, communications are still needed. Help foundations, help volunteers. Only by uniting can we defeat the enemy. And we will win!, – the message says.

Pritula announced together with blogger Igor Lachenkov on the morning of June 22, his birthday, about raising funds for the purchase of three Bayraktar drones for the Armed Forces of Ukraine. In total, it was necessary to collect over 500 million hryvnias. Then the Showman assured that the required amount would be collected in 1 week. Prytula's fund has already accumulated the first two million dollars. The rest of the amount was collected in just 3 days.

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