“Putin and I figured them out”: Lukashenka in Bobruisk slandered new memes

"Putin and I figured them out": Lukashenka in Bobruisk uttered new memes

On June 17, President of Belarus Alexander Lukashenko addressed the workers of the plant for the production of mass tires price Bobruisk | We have collected Lukashenka's most striking statements.

About a possible strike on Kyiv

– Yesterday I was asked this question, already behind the scenes: how, what else, will you enter Ukraine – your army ? I say: we are not going to go anywhere until you have crossed the red line. As soon as you cross our border or aim at the Mozyr oil refinery (they had such a crazy idea), we will instantly respond.

About Ukraine's plans to hit Russian cities

– Ukrainians, Zelensky are asking for long-range weapons in order to hit Russian cities: Kursk, Rostov, Orel, Belgorod – neighboring cities. But, I once publicly said, in no case should this be done. Because Russia will already use a new level of weapons. And he will apply it to Kyiv, to those who make these decisions. Therefore, they are still a little afraid.

On the export of Ukrainian grain

– We discussed this problem with Putin. I say: “Don't worry, there's not as much grain there as they scream. And it's not about the grain. They want to accuse you and me that we caused a world famine. We are such giants that we made a famine in the world!”. We started to figure it out. They just had to hang one more world-class problem on us. We [Putin] figured them out quickly.

About God and nationalists

– Probably, God helped us [to move away from nationalism in the 90s]. It wasn't easy to break. We did it without a war. You will remember what riots were, how cars were turned over in Minsk, burned. We had it in the first years of my presidency. The nationalists did not give up just like that. But in Ukraine they did not survive.

About propaganda

– For some, the word “propaganda” has a very negative connotation. But propaganda is the promotion of one's ideas. And what, the idea that people live in a peaceful country, in abundance – is it really bad? We are promoting this idea. It is clear why the West does not like it. For them, a successful example is an unacceptable phenomenon. Because if we show that it is possible to live like this, then others will probably want to.

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