Putin called a new reason for the war against Ukraine

Putin named a new reason for the war against Ukraine

Russian dictator Vladimir Putin said that the cause of the war against Ukraine is the policy of “Moscow's opponents”, while Russia's goal is “unification of the Russian people.” He stated this on the air of the program & # 171; Moscow. Kremlin. Putin», reports Radio Liberty.

“Divide and rule. They have always tried to do this, and they are trying to do it now. And our goal is something else – to unite the Russian people,” the President of the Russian Federation said.

He expressed confidence that Russia is acting “in the right direction.”

«We protect our national interests, the interests of our citizens», — Putin noted and added that 99.9% of Russians are ready «to lay down everything» in the interests of the country.

The Kremlin, according to Putin, is allegedly ready to negotiate «with all participants about acceptable solutions».

“But it’s their business – it’s not we who refuse to negotiate, but they,” he said. war against Ukraine. In September, he called a full-scale invasion of Ukraine a “mirror response” to the actions of the enemy.

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