Putin: There is no need for massive strikes on Ukraine now

Putin: There is no need for massive strikes against Ukraine now

Russian President Vladimir Putin said that new massive missile strikes against Ukraine are not required at present. He said this during a press conference in Astana.

According to the Russian dictator, at present there are no decisions on new massive strikes on Ukrainian infrastructure facilities, since others are facing the Russian occupation forces « tasks».

«Now there is no need for massive strikes against Ukraine. Now there are other tasks. Of the 29 objects, 7 were not hit as planned. No need for punches. No. So far», — Putin said.

Among other things, the Russian dictator assured that the Russian Federation did not set itself the task of destroying Ukraine.

«Well, they took water chopped off in the Crimea. The troops had to go in and turn on the water in the Crimea. If this action had not been taken, there would have been no opposition», — he said.

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