Putin threatened to “click” Patriot, which the United States will provide Ukraine | VIDEO

Putin threatened to 'click' Patriot that the US will provide to Ukraine | VIDEO

Russian President Vladimir Putin claims that the American Patriot systems are outdated and threatened to «click» He said this during a press conference on Thursday, December 22.

«Patriot is a rather old system, it does not work like ours, say, S-300 … We will keep this in mind (supplies from the US to Ukraine – ed.). This is just prolonging the conflict … . They want to put the Patriots. Let them put it – we will click and Patriots & # 187;, & # 8212; he said.

Putin said that Russia thinks everything: what they can supply to Ukraine, what they can produce.

He admitted that Russia also spends shells. But the difference is, according to Putin, that the Ukrainian military-industrial complex is being exhausted, while the Russian base is growing.

Putin admitted that the Russian Federation has gaps, such as loitering ammunition, drones. «But we know who and how can make them», Putin said.

  • The United States has officially allocated $1.85 billion in military aid to Ukraine. It will include, among others, Patriot systems.

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