Putin visited the captured Mariupol. This is the dictator's first trip to Donbass after the invasion of Ukraine | VIDEO

Russian dictator Vladimir Putin for the first time He visited the territories of Ukraine occupied during the war, having visited Mariupol destroyed by the occupiers. The “Agency” restored Putin's route in the city based on the footage shown on the Rossiya 24 TV channel.

A propaganda TV channel aired three versions of the video of Putin visiting a Ukrainian city. The first time these shots interrupted the broadcast at 8:20. At 9:45 another extensive piece was shown. And finally, after 11 o'clock they gave the edited video of both pieces.

According to the final version, Putin flew to Mariupol airport, located on the western outskirts of the city. In the first frames of the video, it was not completely dark yet.

Then, Putin (driving) and Deputy Prime Minister Marat Khusnulin (in the passenger seat) drive in a car towards the western entrance to Mariupol, which in the city becomes Prospekt Mira . This is the main street of the city.

On Prospekt Mira, a car drives past the medical center of the Federal Medical and Biological Agency, which is under construction, then past the buildings of the Nevsky residential complex, which in September became the first residential complex built by Russian forces in Mariupol.

After that, the car turns off Prospekt Mira and starts winding through the new residential area. Khusnullin says that there is a new building of the «Ministry of Emergency Situations» nearby. We are probably talking about the building at 175 Metropolitskaya Street (the Russian authorities call it Karl Liebknecht Street). around Mariupol.

Putin gets out of the car for the first time and inspects the playground, and then, together with the residents, goes to inspect their apartment. The Kremlin website says that the president spoke with residents of the Nevsky microdistrict.

After that, Putin again gets behind the wheel and returns to Mira Avenue. A car drives along it past Freedom Square (you can recognize it by its design in the form of pigeons).

Then the presidential cortege turns right, and Khusnullin shows Putin the quarters of the Azov Technical University, located on Metallurgists Avenue. After that, Putin and Khusnulin drive up to the Mariupol Chamber Philharmonic and inspect it from the inside.

If Putin and Khusnullin had not left the main street and drove several blocks to the sea, they would have ended up at the Mariupol Drama Theater, where during Russian airstrike on March 16, 2022 could have killed up to 600 people.

After the Philharmonic, Putin drives to the memorial to the so-called «liberators of Donbass». Then they show footage of him getting into the helicopter.

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