Putin's visit to Mariupol: Identified people in the video with him | PHOTO

On the video from the visit of Russian President Vladimir Putin to the occupied Mariupol were residents of the city. This is reported by the Telegram channel «Mariupol.Opposite«.

The elderly man, who told the dictator that he had lost everything but was now given an apartment, was identified as Nikolai Lotkov. It is also alleged that his son Dmitry, daughter-in-law Yekaterina and family friend Alexei Bondarenko were next to him in the video. The channel's readers stated that during the bombing they were engaged in looting.

In addition, in « they write that the woman who thanked Putin for the “victory” is Irina Volosatova, who is also accused of theft. Her house burned to the ground.

  • On March 19, Putin visited captured Mariupol. This is the dictator's first trip to the Donbass since the invasion of Ukraine.

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