quotes and useful info on Juventus shares

quotes and useful info on Juventus shares

quotes and useful info on Juventus shares

Juventus FC is a listed club. Here is the useful information on the quotations of the Juve stock and shares

Here is all the information on the stock market trend Juventus Football Club Spa.

0,91 EUR (+17,85%)

5.40 pm on April 19, 2021

Aperture 0.83
Maximum 0.92
Minimum 0.81
Capitalization 1.22 billion
Closing prev. 0.77

All the info in real time for Juve quotes and shares

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The ordinary shares of Juventus (the “Juventus Shares”) are listed on the Mercato Telematico Azionario (“MTA”), a regulated market organized and managed by Borsa Italiana SpA
To purchase Juventus Shares, it is necessary to have a deposit and account relationship with an authorized intermediary (a bank or a SIM – Mobiliar Intermediation Company), or even through online trading sites, and pass the order to the intermediary. purchase for the quantity of shares of interest. The Juventus Shares (as well as all the shares listed on the Stock Exchange) are “dematerialized” securities, meaning that when you buy a share you do not receive any securitized share certificates, but only the confirmation by the intermediary of the transaction. purchase through a specific writing for the “loading” of the shares on the deposit account. For your benefit, we also remind you that it is advisable to ask authorized intermediaries in advance about the fees and expenses applied for the purchase, management and subsequent possible sale of the shares. It should also be noted that, to date, there are no minimum purchase lots for Juventus Shares. To resell the Juventus Shares, it is necessary to give an order to one’s intermediary to sell all or part of the shares held on the electronic market, specifying, if desired, also the sale price.


Juventus’ financial year ends on 30 June of each year and the annual meeting of Juventus shareholders usually takes place in October (generally in the third ten days of the month). The shareholders’ meeting is convened by the Board of Directors of the Company by means of a notice published on the Juventus website (juventus.com) and on the authorized storage mechanism 1INFO (www.1info.it), as well as, in extract, in at least one newspaper nationwide. The notice is generally published within the thirtieth day prior to the date of the meeting; if the shareholders’ meeting is called to deliberate on particular topics, specifically identified by law, this term may vary. Those who hold voting rights at the end of the accounting day of the seventh trading day preceding the date set for the meeting are entitled to attend the meeting. The legitimacy to attend the meeting is attested by a communication to be requested from one’s own intermediary and to be sent to Juventus, by the third trading day preceding the date set for the meeting (or, in any case, by the start of the meeting’s work. of the single call).

No, by their nature the shares (including Juventus Shares) do not have a fixed return. Investing in equity securities is a risky financial transaction; the historical performance of the Company is in no way representative of its future performance and, therefore, should not be taken as a reference when making an investment decision. It should be noted that the purchase of Juventus Shares, like all investments in risk capital, exposes investors to the risk that the value of the Shares may also be significantly reduced and up to its complete zeroing, with the consequence that investors would suffer, depending on in cases, a partial or even total loss of the capital invested in the Company.


Juventus Shares are admitted to listing and trading on the MTA, a regulated market organized and managed by Borsa Italiana SpA
Juventus shares are traded with the ticker “JUVE” and have an ISIN code: IT0000336518


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