Rachel Legrain-Trapani, financial worries after her divorce: her fears for her son Gianni

Miss France 2007 took part in the C8 documentary “The real life of the Miss”. And Rachel Legrain-Trapani made poignant confidences about her life after her divorce from Aurélien Capoue.
Friday December 11, 2020, the Misses will be in the spotlight on C8. The TNT channel will broadcast The real life of your Miss , a documentary in which many beauty queens have participated, including Rachel Legrain-Trapani . And the 32-year-old made some sad revelations.

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Kate Hudson: Ten years after the divorce, her ex disputes her for custody of their son
Rachel Legrain-Trapani’s life changed on December 9, 2006. That day, she was elected Miss France 2007. From one day to the next, she was therefore greatly in demand and had to ensure her role as representative of France for a year. This coronation allowed her to launch her career as an animator, starting with her experience at Game One . The projects continued until 2011. But then it was more complicated for her to find contracts. And his divorce with Aurélien Capoue in 2016 did not help matters as we can discover with an extract unveiled byLeisure TV .

During the filming of the documentary, Rachel Legrain-Trapani confided that after her separation from the footballer, she found herself a single mother without a job . A blow for the mother of Gianni (7 years old, born of this union): ” It was difficult in the sense that I was afraid of not being able to provide for my child and of not being able to provide for my needs. . And the look of others was also a little complicated, “she said. In the rush to find work, she applied for a sales assistant position. And she did not expect the reaction of the person in charge of recruiting. “The woman said to me, ‘But I don’t understand. You know we’re going to have to throw out some trash. ‘ I replied that there was no problem, that I knew what it was like to work. She said, ‘You know, you won’t get special treatment.’ So I told him I didn’t want it, that I just wanted to work. And I was not taken, she did not understand what I was doing there. It is not because I was Miss France that I have a pension for life, I was not President of the Republic. So how do I do? “, she confided.

Fortunately, this is just a bad memory. For several years now, she has been signing contract after contract. And personally, she is just as fulfilled since with her companion Valentin Léonard , they welcomed a little Andrea on July 7, 2020.

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