Rada canceled duty-free import of cars

Rada canceled duty-free import of cars

The Verkhovna Rada adopted government bill No. 7418, which provides for the return of duties and VAT on imported goods and customs clearance of cars from July 1. The bill was supported in two readings at once (234 votes), People's Deputy Yaroslav Zheleznyak said on Telegram.

The government stated that under martial law, when all revenues must be consolidated to fight the aggressor, the introduction of import benefits goods that are not essential goods and at the same time budget-forming should be reassessed and revised.

The document proposes to resume taxation, which was canceled:

  • for goods imported by single tax payers of the first, second and third groups;
  • for enterprises that do not pay import duties;
  • for vehicles imported by citizens.

At the same At the same time, the document provides for exemption from payment of the fee to the Pension Fund for cars equipped exclusively with electric motors (one or more). the budget did not receive about 13 billion hryvnia. During this period, more than 119 thousand cars were imported, while isolated cases of import of premium cars were recorded.

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