Raggi’s proposal to the minister

A project to prevent commuters from no longer paying for the A24 toll booth in the urban section. This is the content of the letter that the mayor of Rome, Virginia Raggi, sent to the table of the Minister of Infrastructure Enrico Giovannini.

2016 to present: unsuccessful attempts to eliminate the toll

2021 like 2016. Now as then, the theme of ‘eliminating tolls in the urban section’ of the city is back on time. Indeed, already in 2015 the proposal to eliminate the payment of the motorway toll booth was put forward by Enrico Stefàno, former M5s councilor. Then it was the turn of the Democratic Party (even with a meeting at the Nazarene to put everything in black and white) and then again, on and off, all the other parties. In 2019, the pentastellati of the sixth again asked for a meeting with the minister. Recently, the Municipal Democratic Party had proposed a mobile app that made the urban stretch free for residents. Nothing has changed: Commuters who have to reach the city center from the eastern outskirts of Rome pay a ‘mite’.

The Raggi project: a ‘telepass’ for residents

Raggi, together with the managing director of Strada dei Parchi Spa Riccardo Mollo, wrote a letter to Minister Enrico Giovannini to present a project that will allow commuters from home to work to no longer pay the toll at the East Rome barrier. “The idea on which we are working is a sort of accreditation on the Roma Capitale site through a procedure that will allow the Municipality to examine the requisites of the applicant: once accredited through a “telepass” you can pass through the toll booths without paying toll ” Capitol. The project was set up by the coordination table between Roma Capitale and Strada dei Parchi recently set up. The estimated costs of the initiative amount to between 5 and 10 million euros per year. To implement it, the source of funding is the new Economic and Financial Plan of Strada dei Parchi, which however has been awaiting approval for about eight years. For this reason, the letter addressed to the minister asks to approve the Plan.

Nanni (Action): “Electoral Spot”

“Finally Raggi after 5 years remembers East Rome. I wonder, and if all the citizens of the quadrant are asking, why the mayor remembers it only now after 5 years in the city government. His ‘motorway exit’ a few months before the elections smacks of a lot about the electoral campaign, or else it means that he does not know the city and its problems ”commented Dario Nanni, Roman head of Action, the party of Carlo Calenda. He added: “Since she is also the mayor of the metropolitan city, it is sickening that she does not say anything to commuters in the hinterland municipalities. At this point, if the Rays really wants to prove that it is not an election spot, ask Autostrade to reimburse the A24 tolls for the previous 5 years, to compensate for its guilty inaction ”.

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