Rapper TI: Arrest in Amsterdam was miscommunication | Stars

Rapper TI: Arrest in Amsterdam was miscommunication | Stars

“It’s all been blown up, because there wasn’t that much going on. As I said before, I was very surprised at the relaxed approach of the Amsterdam agents, who didn’t even try to draw their weapons. Which in itself would not have been necessary for such a minor offense, but here in America you immediately have to fear for your life. That was an eye opener,” says TI

He continues: “The fact that the officers and I could not understand each other properly caused miscommunication. I didn’t understand the accent of the agent who spoke to me, it was some kind of mix of English with Dutch, or so I think. I also did not immediately see that he was an agent. In America, men like this come up with a little more fanfare, so to speak. Then you immediately know that it is wrong and now I was actually quite nicely received. I was not handcuffed and was allowed to get into the car myself. We are not used to that in America.”

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