Referral of turbines to Gazprom: Ottawa again called upon to reconsider its decision

Return of turbines to Gazprom: Ottawa again called upon to reconsider its decision

Russian energy giant Gazprom halted operation of one of the last two operating turbines of the Nord Stream 1 gas pipeline due to a technical problem and drastically reduced gas deliveries to Russia. 'Europe.

The Ukrainian Canadian Congress on Wednesday again urged the Trudeau government to revoke the Moscow sanctions exemption that allows turbines to be sent back to Germany for Russian natural gas supply.

Canada and Germany continue to have a choice, either to continue to play the game of blackmailing Russia or to simply [reverse their decision] and show Russia that we will not be intimidated in the face of to its threats, said their director general, Ihor Michalchyshyn, while testifying before the elected members of the Standing Committee on Foreign Affairs and International Development.

He argued that Moscow has since , demanded even more concessions to the sanctions imposed on him due to the invasion of Ukraine.

Last month, the Ukrainian ambassador to the Canada, Yuliia Kovaliv, had also urged Ottawa to reconsider its decision.

The Trudeau government in July granted Siemens Energy an exemption from sanctions against Russia for sending six turbines to Germany after they underwent repairs in Montreal.

A first turbine was returned and was then to be taken to Gazprom, as Moscow cited the late return of Nord Stream 1 pipeline equipment as the reason for the reduced flow of natural gas to Europe. However, the turbine has since remained in Germany.

At the end of August, the CBC network reported that the Minister of Foreign Affairs, Mélanie Joly, indicated in an interview that the plan was still to send back the five remaining turbines.

Ottawa justified its decision to grant an exemption by saying that it wanted to demonstrate the bluff of Vladimir Putin's regime.

< p class="e-p">On this subject, Ms. Joly affirmed, during a passage before the Foreign Affairs Committee, that this approach was supported by Germany, but also by the European Union. Europe and the United States.

We were unanimous in the approach to take, that is to say to ensure that we did not can give any justification, any pretext to President Putin, she said. This very idea of ​​using energy as a way to blackmail Europe was an approach [we wanted to respond to] in common with our allies.

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