Regina Todorenko's mother on the TV presenter's birthday: Odessa family is waiting for you

Regina Todorenko's mother on the TV presenter's birthday: The Odessa family is waiting for you

TV presenter Regina Todorenko, who hushed up the Russian war in Ukraine, turned 32 on June 14. On this occasion, the mother of the artist Irina published a post on Instagram, in which she addressed her daughter.

– Happy birthday, our beloved swallow, our unique daughter! Be healthy, lucky, happy and loved! Let worthy people surround you, new interesting ideas and creative projects! May every day of your new year bring harmony in your soul and positive emotions! Our Odessa family loves, waits and is always proud of you! You are our brightest ray of light! – wrote the artist’s mother.

The TV presenter is from Odessa, but in social networks she ignores the topic of the war in Ukraine. In stories, Regina published pictures with a hint of “friendship between two peoples”, but did not publicly condemn the full-scale invasion of the Russian Federation into our country.

Earlier, singer Dasha Astafieva and ex-colleague TV presenter Kolya Serga criticized Regina. He said he was shocked by Todorenko's reaction to what is happening in our country.

Todorenko has been living in Moscow for about four years. In 2018, the ex-leader of “Eagle and Tails” married singer Vlad Topalov, gave birth to a son, Michael. Before her career on television, Regina was a member of the Real O group and the Star Factory-2 project, produced by Natalia Mogilevskaya.

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